Hello! My name is

Patrick T. Chmielewski

and I am

Product Owner • Scrum Master • Agile Coach • Avid MX-5 Driver


What are some of the highest risks in modern projects? Well, you can always argue that it is the time, the budget and the quality. But when you look a little bit under the surface, those problems mentioned are only symptoms for deeper going issues. Issues, which are mostly caused by human nature: Lack of communication (skills), social conflicts, different types of individual motivations, to name a few, are often hindering experts from achieving their project goals. To solve those problems in a most pragmatic way - thats what is the most interesting part of my job.

I’m working for several years in agile software development environments and did this in many different roles. Starting as frontend and backend developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, project manager or team lead - I was able to apply and continuously widen my skills. But there is no practical application without theoretical foundations. I gained the foundations during my studies of computer science and psychology - with focus areas on software engineering, and industrial and organizational psychology - at the beautifully located Freie Universität Berlin.


A hobby of mine is to do stuff related to smart homes and home automation. As a part of this quite huge topic, I started building and programming my very own ESP8266 based IoT sensors, but also doing rapid prototyping with FDM aka 3D printer. It is amazing, how far one can get with few bucks and some great actively maintained open source projects. #DIY #FTW

For Relaxation

As I mentioned before, I'm a passionate MX-5 driver and enjoy spending some days off on curvy roads in the mountains. Best way to relax and clear my mind.


Feel free to email me if you'd like to compare notes or just say hello.

For private communication use my GPG key.

Fingerprint: 3b4a 4fd5 d3b5 4758 1f43 22ab 40e1 c21f f417 2f6a

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